SiH Online Series | Online Learning: How Entrepreneurs Start Companies Without Money and Ideas?

On 17 February 2021, Nuffic Neso Indonesia in collaboration with Tilburg University held an online learning session as a part of Study in Holland Online Series #DiRumahAja (stay at home). In this session, we have invited dr. ing. Wynand Bodewes who is the Senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and the Academic Director of the Bachelor program Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation at Tilburg University to deliver a lecture on the topic “How Entrepreneurs Start Companies Without Money and Ideas?”

Often, those that dream of starting their business believe they cannot do it because they lack the means that they believe to be required to act on an opportunity. We have learned that those that actually end up doing entrepreneurship faced similar resource constraints were not hold back by an apparent lack of resources. In this lecture, Dr. Bowedes explained how critical it is to making use of what you have, improvising and being resourceful as start-up entrepreneurs and how the academic understanding of such “bootstrap financing” may empower you to start your first venture on a shoestring.

Are you planning to start creating your own business or company anytime soon? Watch the full session here

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