NL Alumni Talk: “How have Academic Experiences in the Netherland Affected your Professional Career?”

Publication date: 2020-07-06 04:55

NL Alumni Network in Indonesia strives to keep its existence even during the hard time of COVID-19 outbreak. A webinar session of NL Alumni Talk was held on Friday, June 26, 2020 with a theme ‘How have academic experiences in the Netherlands affected your professional career?”

The online talk invited four alumni as guest speakers. They are alumni from various education program (long/short) of Holland education institution and currently having different professional background and affiliation. The four guest speakers were drg.Muhammad Ruslin (Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, Hasanuddin University, Makassar; NL Alumni Network South Sulawesi), Sri Shindi Indira (Head of Centre for Business and Incubator ‘Padi Science Park, Pancabudi University, Medan; NL Alumni Network North Sulawesi), Ahmad Ikhsan Fathurrahman (Chairman of the General Election Commissions (KPU) of Regional Purwakarta; NL Alumni Network Purwakarta) and Lita Istiyanti (Head of Program Development at Public Work & Spatial Planning Office, Bandar Lampung; NL Alumni Network Lampung)Yusuf Supendi, from NL Alumni Network Purwakarta was in charge as moderator for the two hours session. 

Dito A. Pratama, from Nuffic Neso Indonesia, took the first chance to present  ‘What and How’ NL Alumni Network in Indonesia. He explains that the network aims to connect, accommodate alumni to socialize to one another and respectively be able to synergize each potential for a broaden collaboration (strengthening collaboration between Indonesia and the Netherlands). Also involved in the meeting, Indy Hardono, Coordinator Scholarship of Nuffic Neso Indonesia, emphasized that NL Alumni Network potentially becoming a bridge for strategic collaboration between two nations (Indonesia – the Netherlands). The alumni could follow the path as to get involved- to collaborate – to leave a legacy.

Reflect from Nuffic Neso Indonesia team, all speakers agree that the network must be impact oriented. No matter what occupation or position the alumni are currently having, they should understand that they can contribute and influence others. Rusli, who was graduated from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, expressed how grateful he was for having an opportunity to study in the Netherlands and how it has been positively affecting his endeavor. From the competence and global network he maintains until today, has been doing many things not only for the career of himself but also for the institution, Universitas Hasanuddin Makassar as they can establish such ‘Sister Department’, a collaboration or joint-program with Holland universities. In his portrayal, the Netherlands defined as the ‘small country, big opportunity’, as it can be small (away smaller than Indonesia) but provides abundant opportunity for improvements on his lifelong learning experiences

Shindi, who studied Master on Landscape and Architecture at Wageningen University and Research also expressed how her study journey have opened many more adventurous steps in her life career. She used to fail at the first attempt of scholarship application, then she re-applied and got selected on the second attempt. For her, studying in the Netherlands considered to as life changing. From her competence in both academic, international network and socio-politics skill she gained during her study abroad, she is currently hold strategic position at Pancabudi University in Medan. 

Another inspiring and motivating story also brought by Ikhsan, who experienced a short course funded by PUM, a senior consultancy institution in the Netherlands. From the course taught and the international exposure he had, three important points led his career path, including mentality, networking and knowledge. He also reminds everybody to keep confident on each potential, because he believes that everybody owns the same opportunity to excel, as from zero to a hero. 

Lita, who participated in two short courses at IHE Delft, expressed that to study in the Netherlands is priceless for her. Not only for elevating her excellence in water management or career path in the Government Institution, but also she can have a tight relationship amongst the alumni of her program. “Its like a family”, who keep in touch and keep collaborating professionally.  She ensured how her international study-experience have scale up her perspective and awareness on respecting differences. She explained that the hard times of studying abroad could be both during the study period and after the program ends. She added that after receiving knowledge we shall work effortlessly to apply them in the Indonesia’s culture and system. It might not be applicable sometimes, yet she still believes that needs more adjustment.So, it is important to be patient and keep being persistent.


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