#OrangeKnowledge Updates

Publication date: 2020-06-23 10:37

The spread of the coronavirus changed not only our work, but also highly impacted our #OrangeKnowledge partners and project's work across the globe. How are they dealing with the current situation? What's more - what strategies do they use to keep making a change?

Parters of a special Indonesian 'Security and Rule of Law' project - called SLEEI (Strengthening Legal Education in Eastern Indonesia) focuses on Eastern Indonesia. The project was busy strengthening a region of Indonesia where few law faculties were available and opportunities for international co-operation were little, when the pandemic started. Now, with great commitment and creativity, the project is moving forward again.

Read more: https://leidenlawblog.nl/articles/corona-crisis-related-inequality-in-access-to-university-education-in-eastern-indonesia

The institutional project lead by Maastricht University and Universitas Airlangga focuses on strengthening Security and Rule of Law through curriculum development. Curious about their way of strengthening education? The consortium just published a new bulletin on their procedures and progress in the project.

Read more: https://fh.unmul.ac.id/upload/file/download/06-04-2020-buletin-pendidikan-hukum-indonesia-legal-education-network.pdf


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